Action Day “Fit in the spring”
Date: April 4th 2020, 10:00 – 15:00 hrs

With the event day “fit in the spring”, city marketing invites everyone to get moving together, exchange ideas and gather information on the subject of fitness, health and spending your free time. While market vendors and stores invite you to shop and present attractive, discounted merchandise, our visitors will be entertained by a colorful program with various exhibitions and info points around the old town hall.

Sunday Shopping at the Traditional Jubilate Sunday Market
Date: May 3th 2020
Business hours at the marketplace: 10: 30 – 18:00 hrs
Business hours at the shops and stores: 13:00 – 18:00 hrs

On Jubilate Sunday, the Third Sunday after Easter, spring is considered to have returned at long last! And Weiden’ s retailers are inviting you to beautiful downtown Weiden on Sunday, May 12th, to enjoy a shopping expedition at the Traditional Jubilate Sunday Market. In the afternoon, from 13:00 to 18:00 hrs, many businesses will traditionally open their doors to give visitors the opportunity to browse and shop even on a Sunday. In addition to the downtown businesses, many businesses all over town will be open as well.

Visitors to the Jubilate Sunday Market in downtown Weiden get to enjoy themselves as early as 10:30 hrs. Numerous stands will be offering a dazzling array of goods.

Let yourself be surprised by the variety of market stands and enjoy a beautiful May Sunday in Weiden. But visitors can expect to see so much more: the City Marketing Association „Stadtmarketing Weiden“ stage will entertain them with an extensive supporting program.

You will find that we haven’t promised too much – Jubilate Sunday is bound to be a very special Sunday in Weiden, with many wonderful things awaiting visitors young and old.

Date: May 22st 2020

Many different foodtrucks are going to offer a variety of dishes. The event will take place  from “Schlörplatz” to “Josef-Witt-Platz” on Friday, May 22st, 2020″.

Children’s Day „The Fairy Godmother“
Date: June19th 2020, 9:00 – 12:00 hrs at the Old Town Hall

What is „The Fairy Godmother“?
The Fairy Godmother project is a campaign initiated by Stadtmarketing Weiden and its project partners aimed at promoting a child-friendly Weiden. Following the example of other cities like Coburg or Chemnitz, the partners of The Fairy Godmother project, i.e. businesses and institutions all over Weiden, will be identified by stickers bearing the „Fairy Godmother“ emblem. All businesses bearing the „Fairy Godmother“ emblem guarantee to make shopping with children a pleasant experience for children and to donate part of their proceeds from your shopping for aiding children in need. And for children who play a little hard and bump their knees, all participants of the „Fairy Godmother“ project will have band aids and consolation candy handy to take care of those little scrapes and scratches. Whenever a child gets lost in the course of a stressful shopping day, parents may safely rely on being informed promptly. Even a call home or to a friend’s residence will help. With the slogan „The Fairy Godmother Project – Campaign for a Child-Friendly Weiden“, Stadtmarketing Weiden wants to give children a sense of safety and protection.

On June 19h 2020 Stadtmarketing Weiden will stage a potpourri program designed to introduce children to the project. The goal of this campaign day is to familiarize children with the logo and the tasks of the „Fairy Godmother“ campaign. Children will also get to meet „emergency helpers“ like the police or the fire department, to help them lose their fears and make them realize that in emergencies help is only a phone call away.

All elementary school children, preschool and kindergarten children, daycare children, and all boys and girls interested in showing up with their parents are cordially invited to come and joins us for the campaign day. They will get to see many interesting things and meet many interesting people, like police officers in their police car, and medics of the Bavarian Red Cross with their ambulance vehicle who will show the children how to apply band aids and medical dressings. The fire department will also be there in their big red fire engine, demonstrating the fire extinguishing equipment and allowing the children to play games with the water hoses. The Government Desaster Relief Organization will also be there and admit interested children to investigate the inside of their technical vehicle.

The „Fairy Godmother“ is brought to you by: Oberpfalz Medien

„Weiden is Dreaming“ – culture and shopping till midnight
Date: July 24th 2020, 19:00 – 24:00 hrs

„Weiden is Dreaming“– this latest of Stadtmarketing Weiden events has been scheduled for Friday, July 24th 2020, from 19:00 to 24.00 hrs. Weiden is Dreaming – a fitting title for strolling through Downtown Weiden in beautiful summer weather and allowing yourself to be carried away into a new dream at every corner.

Musicians, artists, actors etc. will turn downtown Weiden into a dream landscape to captivate all your senses. Let yourself be enchanted by the many stories awaiting to enchant you at every new corner.

What makes „Weiden is Dreaming“ so special, however, in addition to the artists all over town, is the shopping hours: especially for this event, all shops will remain open until midnight. For example you get to stroll through the shops until midnight and shop to your heart’s content or simply stay alfresco to enjoy and marvel at the variety of things to see and experience.

Weiden, I like you
Date: September 19th 2019
Business hours: 10:00 – 17:00 hrs

On Saturday, September 19th, downtown Weiden will turn into a stage for a lively and colorful autumn festival between 10:00 and 17:00 hrs. The City Marketing Association, in cooperation with Weiden’s retailers and numerous clubs and societies, will host the Weiden Autumn Festival designed to be just as colorful as autumn itself.

For that special day, many businesses will come up with special campaigns and projects to making shopping even more pleasant for their customers, and will surprise you with autumnal sales promotions, gifts and much more.

But far from being limited to the shops and stores, that special mood will also reign on the squares of downtown Weiden, where many decorated stands will invite you on a stroll through Weiden’s historical Old Town. In addition, Stadtmarketing Weiden will be offering a colorful supporting program that leaves nothing to be desired. Let yourself be enchanted by that special autumnal atmosphere!

As every year, the Weiden Autumn Festival is destined to be a highlight for young and old a like.

“Art and Treats till Midnight” – The Weiden Art Night Festival
Date: October 30th 2019, 18:00 – 24:00 hrs

The title “Art and Treats till midnight” stands for exhibitions, musical performance, readings and much, much more – all in combination with a festival of culinary treats. And that is precisely what makes that art event so unique: you will get to enjoy Treats for All Five Senses! The Weiden Art Night Festival promises something for every taste and inclination at some 50 different special places all over town. Enjoy art and experience it live while nibbling tasty morsels and enjoying refreshing beverages. The perfect art event for all art lovers and those aspiring to be.

Sunday Shopping at the Saint Catherine’s Sunday Market
Date: November 22nd 2019
Business hours at the marketplace: 10:30 – 18:00 hrs
Business hours at the shops and stores: 13:00 – 18:00 hrs

St. Catherine’s Sunday Market has traditionally put Weiden’s citizens in the mood for the Christmas season. Festively decorated downtown Weiden invites visitors to browse through the shops and market stands to find that perfect Christmas gift and lots of special offers. On that day, Weiden’s pedestrian zone will turn into a huge marketplace with something to offer for everyone. Stadtmarketing Weiden and its members will be there as well with a colorful potpourri program.

It’s that special time of year again – the first snowflakes are falling, nights are getting long – Christmas is just around the corner. And to inaugurate that special time, the City of Weiden will be hosting its annual St. Catherine’s Market in downtown Weiden on Sunday, November 24th 2019. As every year, Weiden will be looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors browsing through the festively decorated down on their search for great gift ideas and special offers. On that day, Weiden’s pedestrian zone will turn into a huge marketplace with something to offer for young and old alike.

Between 10:30 and 18:00 hrs, downtown Weiden will be dominated by vivid market life. But it is not just the market stands which invite you to come and stroll through town: between 13:00 and 18:00 hrs, the stores and shops will be open for you to leisurely browse through their latest trends all around the Christmas season. So there’s definitely more than one reason to take a trip downtown on that day.
Stadtmarketing Weiden hopes you will enjoy it all!

The Weiden Advent Calendar on the Old Town Hall

As every year, the Old Town Hall will turn into a huge advent calendar. During the entire Christmas season, 24 of theOldTown Hall’s windows will be turned into calendar windows hiding colorful Christmas pictures painted by children. From December 1st through 24th, one calendar window will be opened every day by the Stadtmarketing Weiden Santa Claus and two angels. True to the spirit of the season, the opening of every advent calendar window will be accompanied by groups from the schools and musical academies of Weiden and surroundings and is a popular event for the whole family.

Opening of the advent calendar windows at the Old Town Hall from
December 1st through 24th, 2020:

Mondays – Fridays 16:30 hrs.
Saturdays, Sundays 16:00 hrs.
Christmas Eve 11:00 hrs.


Santa is coming! 
Afterwards, the Stadtmarketing Weiden Santa will distribute small gifts among the children present, which is sure to put a sparkle in many eyes. All Individual or several windows will be sponsored by Weiden enterprises or associations, who will be briefly presenting their Advent offers and events and will be bringing along small Christmas gifts to be distributed by the Stadtmarketing Weiden Santa.

The Arts & Crafts Cottage at the Weiden Christkindl Market

Still looking for that very special Christmas gift? Then you should definitely pay a visit to the Stadtmarketing Weiden Arts & Crafts Cottage at the Christkindl Market. The Arts & Crafts Cottage is the perfect place for everyone who prefers refreshing alternative gift ideas to off-the-peg gifts. Every day, several artisans and craftspeople will be presenting their products and giving you a demonstration of their art. This special attraction has become a fixed point of reference for many gift shoppers. Both the Arts & Crafts Cottage and the historical Christkindl Market in front of the Old Town Hall will be open for you from November 26th thru December 23rd; opening hours are Mondays thru Tuesday, 10:00 – 20:00 hrs.; Wednesdays thru Saturdays 10.00 – 21.00 hrs.;  Sundays 11:00 – 20:00 hrs.

Children’s Fairytale Afternoon accompanying the Advent Calendar Date:
December12th 2020, 14:30 – 15:30 hrs

From 14:30 to 15:30 hrs. , there will be something very special for children of all ages: in the festively decorated Great Hall of the Old Town Hall, a storyteller will carry the young visitors off into the World of Fantasy. Select Christmas fairytales will make for sparkling eyes and radiant smiles! Children’s fruit punch and German gingerbread, accompanied by the music of the season, are sure to create the perfect Christmas mood for that afternoon. The Stadtmarketing Weiden Children’s Fairytale Afternoon is guaranteed to become an unforgettable event. Admissions are free.